terriDisclaimer: This is not approved by Health Canada. As soon as you are old and not able to be a slave for the rich people, they want you to go to the promised land. They save money on Pensions, Medicines and Hospital care. If you die, you don't cost anything so you couldn't and you shouldn't trust the government.

For my cancer treatment, I had both radiation and chemotherapy and we suggest that Chaga be used in addition (not as a replacement). The best use of Chaga is as a preventative. I have been told by many cancer patients that after conventional treatment, the cancer come back again and the hospitals decline to treat you. I was treated for cancer 10 years ago, and I feel that the 5 years that I have used Chaga is the reason that my cancer has not returned, and I don't expect it to return as long as I continue to take Chaga.

We/I are not allowed to speak to you about helping you with health problems of any kind. And not being medically trained, seems good.
But we, and others, can say how chaga mushroom helped us.

I am a 9¬†years Cancer survivor hugely damaged, who recovered using flax and Canadian Chaga. After years of fighting with neck pain from my operation and many sleepless nights…

A friend with Lyme disease showed me Chaga, explained that it helped her. Knowing that i loved working with food, she wanted me to create something with it.
We ground the Chaga, simmered it all night, calculated 1 gram as the dose, introduced it to cookies.
After 3 mornings of Chaga mushrooms, the constant pain in my neck eased, another two weeks of daily use i could turn my head without pain for the first time in six years.

When we understood how wonderful Chaga mushrooms were, We arranged for a friend to drive up north in Ontario and come back with a whole car load of Chaga mushrooms.

We then had a large quantity ground and separated light, dark (oxidized) and mixed and began to marinate it in hot distilled water. We strain out the larger pieces, leaving the same Chaga mushrooms extract that everybody else claim to have, only ours contains Chaga mushrooms in suspension (The Best Part).

Over the last 5 years we have accumulated information about Chaga Mushrooms and its uses:

Asperger's Syndrome
Anti-viral (Strong effects
with Influenza virus A and B)
Anti-aging ( reverses the signs of aging )
Shrinks tumors and
stops the spreading of the cancer
Extreme Anti-Oxidant
215 Phytonutrients
ORAC levels over 40,000
Highest food source of B Vitamins
Strengthens Immune System
Reduces Fatigue
Improves Sleep
Soothes chronic pain
Eases PMS
Improves resistance to diseases
Regulates functions of muscles and nerves
Improves mental clarity Eliminates the effects of stress
Helps with digestive problems
Treatment of HIV/Hepatitis C
Detoxifies the liver
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
Pneumonia and lung disorders
Your pet sometimes could use a little help, without the spices and sweetener, With added tuna or bacon, Same love, same dose, same price
Our view of it is if you drink the tea and dispose of the solids, you're losing most of the good stuff.

The only Chaga mushroom liquid that is complete and alcohol-free and composed of only Canadian Chaga marinated in distilled water. Because of much demands, we also made it available in pill format

We are selling Chaga mushroom liquid, other people are selling an extract of Chaga mushrooms.

Not all people who sell Chaga use real Canadian Chaga. Many of them use extracts that were brought in from China which could contain almost anything. They poisoned their own Children with poisoned milk, what about you? We only use pure Canadian Chaga and we have it here unprocessed to show you.

1 gram of Chaga mushrooms contains SOD levels equal to 10 Kilograms of Blueberries.